Luxury German department store Breuninger has launched a limited edition sculpture in the shape of an animal.psd

CREative idea: Take your store mascot and coat it in glossy platinum

Cub culture: Michael Comte’s platinum edition Breuni-Bear

The storied German department store has created a luxuriously sleek version of its fluffy mascot.

The Breuni-Bear – the German retailer’s long term mascot has been imagined in varied iterations, like 1995’s fluffy mohair friend, complete with felt nose, checked jacket, and bow tie. From 2019, he got a more Haute coat, when Swiss photographer and filmmaker Michael Comte devised a sleek limited-edition golden bear, made in collaboration with Berlin’s KPM porcelain. There’s an interstellar inclination behind 2020’s design, which sees the Breuni-Bear coated in glossy platinum. It’s a striking, Pop Art-centric objet for any mantelpiece.

The mold for the Breuni Bear
The mold for the Breuni-Bear

Even though this bear is cast using porcelain, imagine it being cast in Bronze or made in Stainless Steel.

Think about casting your logo, or brand mascot in bronze, or fabricate a 12 foot tall version. It’s what we do here at American Fine Arts.

What project do you think you can make, is it even possible? How could it be done? Reach out we’ll tell you.

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