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Bronze SculptureThe best Public Art Fabrication Services

The best Public Art Fabrication Services

One Collaborative Partner: Sculpture—Conceived, Created and Installed

At AFA Foundry, we have a unique combination of artists, craftsmanship, and services to help you realize your community and corporate art projects – from start to finish we are the best source for public art. We bring you the broad talents of exceptional and noted sculptors, a staff of accomplished artisans, and dedicated project managers and art curators. AFA delivers the creative flexibility you want and the dependability you need. Our world-class Sculpture Services division can conceive, create, produce, and install site-specific bronze and stainless steel sculpture that transforms your environment. We do it for you, with your approval, every step of the way. On-time and on budget. Whether for a public park or private campus, sculpture garden or fountain, seating area or playground, small scale or monumental sculpture, commissioned or existing work – AFA Foundry is your partner to deliver your creative sculptural solutions.

What We Do

• Project Management Services: staff dedicated to managing public and private commissions and assisting with all steps of project fulfillment

• Artist Services: AFA maintains strong relationships with professional, experienced artists who provide diverse and visionary creative solutions for each project

• Foundry Services: full-service bronze and stainless steel foundry with engineering, design, fabrication, sculpting, and installation

• Fabrication Services for public art: sculpture, site-integrated art, fountains, seating areas, functional art, portraits and memorials

• Private sculpture commissions and sales

Who We Are

For more than 35 years, American Fine Arts Foundry has been providing full-service bronze and stainless steel fine art casting services to the art market. We have an international reputation for precise sculptural detail and excellent client care.

AFA serves over 500 leading artists and art publishers around the world, casting from tabletop size to monumental.

Our professional, service-oriented staff of over 25 long-term employees has a proven track record of delivering quality large and small scale projects – on time, on budget, and at competitive prices. We attend to ever y detail, from star t to finish.

AFA Foundry is the business partner of choice for clients requiring a qualified, professional co-producer of high quality fine art, delivered to your satisfaction.

Public Art Fabrication Services available across America and Internationally.

American Fine Arts Inc.

There is something beautiful and dangerous about a working foundry. It’s amazing that the technique of lost wax casting is still virtually unchanged for the last 7000 years. The startling thing is the timelessness of the art—the age-old technique of Lost Wax Casting.

Welcome to the NEW BRONZE AGE

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