Elliot Midwood, AFA Founder far right, the client Jonathan Hirschfeld center, and his photographer on the right.

Elliot Midwood—The Founder of American Fine Arts Foundry

American Fine Arts History continues: March 2021

After many years living and working abroad in France, artist and sculptor Jonathan Hirschfeld returns to American Fine Arts Foundry to discuss current projects. Elliot Midwood AFA’s original founder and Jonathan worked together on various projects in the early years.

The photography shows Elliot Midwood, far right, Jonathan Hirschfeld center, and his photographer on the right. This is American Fine Arts history and anchors the foundries legacy of being one of the oldest and longest running Fine Art Foundries in Southern California.

Another early monumental project of founder Elliot Midwood, was with the artist: Brett Livingstone Strong. Strong received a commission to design and sculpt “The Spirit of Freedom” (Constitutional) Monument.

The Commissions History

Former Chief Justice of the United States, the late Warren Burger, was the Chairman of the Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution from 1985 through 1990. During that time, the most significant projects he commissioned were the construction of two magnificent monuments: the United States Presidency Monument, a.k.a the Presidency Bicentennial Monument and the Monument to the Bicentennial of the Constitution, aka the Spirit of Freedom Monument. Both national monuments are currently displayed on the grounds of Markel Corporation’s national headquarters in Richmond, Virginia.

His skill and interest led him to a further relationship with the commission and a private foundation that additionally commissioned him to recreate the original American Constitution and Bill of Rights documents in exact detail on bronze plaques. The two national monuments were designated as: The National Monument to the United States Constitution which weighs 5 tons and stands 9 tall and The United States Presidency Monument which weighs 20 tons and stands 17′ tall.

The National Monument to the United States Constitution


Brett Livingstone Strong and Ronald Regan admiring the American Fine Arts Foundry Casting of the Spirit if Freedom



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