Artist at work, thinking about creating 3 dimensional works.

Have you considered converting your painting into 3 dimensions?

Or maybe you have a mixed media piece, or a 8 foot tall wood carving, consider turning it into a bronze casting. You can scale it up to 20 feet or scale it down to a collection of table top paper weights.

Now is the time because the home office is here to stay. People are redefining spaces to be used for work and play. They are spending money on artwork, why not have it be yours.


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About my bronze casting, stainless steel art project, art restoration or installation project.

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American Fine Arts Inc.

There is something beautiful and dangerous about a working foundry. It’s amazing that the technique of lost wax casting is still virtually unchanged for the last 7000 years. The startling thing is the timelessness of the art—the age-old technique of Lost Wax Casting.

Welcome to the NEW BRONZE AGE

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