Ikaria Unveiled: The Story Behind John Valeri's Masterpiece and Its Creation at AFA Foundry

Ikaria Unveiled: The Story Behind John Valeri’s Masterpiece and Its Creation at AFA Foundry

John Michael Valeri's magnum opus, "Ikaria," is a culmination of these influences and more.

The Artistic Journey of John Michael Valeri: A Legacy Cast in Bronze

In the heart of Thousand Oaks, California, lives John Michael Valeri, a man whose life is as rich and complex as the art he creates. A 23-year veteran of law enforcement, Valeri’s career is a testament to service and sacrifice. Yet, it is through his art that he seeks to express the beauty and inspiration drawn from a life observing the world in all its facets. Valeri, a self-taught artist, modestly disclaims the title, attributing his skills to a “modicum of talent lent to me by providence.” However, his work speaks volumes of a deep, intrinsic talent that belies his humble self-assessment.

From Akron Roots to Artistic Flights:

The Diverse Inspirations Behind John Valeri's Sculptural Beauty

Valeri’s artistic vision is deeply influenced by his childhood memories in Akron, Ohio, from the majestic Goodyear Zeppelin Hangar to the Gothic Revival architecture of Goodyear Hall. These early experiences imbued him with a love for structural beauty and historical design that would later find expression in his work. His fascination isn’t limited to buildings; Valeri draws inspiration from the classic automobiles of the early 20th century, the robust locomotives and aircraft of the 1930s, and the sleek designs of the early jet age. This eclectic mix of influences converges in his sculptures, where the essence of aerodynamic form and the spirit of historical epochs are captured in static beauty.

Valeri’s magnum opus, “Ikaria,” is a culmination of these influences and more. Named after the island near where the mythic Icarus is said to have fallen, “Ikaria” symbolizes the human desire to defy mortality and capture the ecstasy of existence in perpetual motion. This sculpture, a hybrid of man and machine, draws its inspiration from the myth of Icarus and the sleek lines of the De Havilland Comet, the first commercial passenger jet. Valeri’s “Ikaria” is not just a sculpture but a manifesto of youth, beauty, and the indomitable human spirit’s quest to push boundaries and reach for the skies.

Crafting 'Ikaria'

A Father's Dream, An Artist's Journey, and the Foundry That Made It Reality

For Valeri, the creation of “Ikaria” was not just an artistic endeavor but a personal quest to leave a lasting legacy for his son. It was this desire that led him to the American Fine Arts Foundry (AFA), renowned for its expertise in casting prestigious works in bronze. Valeri’s engagement with AFA was not just transactional but deeply personal. From the initial consultation with Brett and Angelo, he felt respected and valued, not merely as a client but as an artist and individual. Their suggestions breathed life into his vision, transforming “Ikaria” from a concept into a tangible expression of Valeri’s artistic soul. The process, as Valeri recalls, was an education and a journey that culminated in a masterpiece that exceeded his expectations.

Valeri’s story and his collaboration with the American Fine Arts Foundry underscore the profound impact of art in transcending the mundane and capturing the essence of our deepest desires and aspirations. The foundry, with its skilled artists and craftsmen, played a pivotal role in bringing “Ikaria” to life, ensuring that Valeri’s vision would endure in bronze, a legacy of beauty and inspiration for generations to come.

Echoes Through Ages: The Transformative Journey of John Michael Valeri from Akron to Artistic Immortality

John Michael Valeri’s journey from a boy enamored with the architectural marvels of Akron to a sculptor who captures the human spirit’s quest for transcendence is a narrative of passion, perseverance, and the transformative power of art. His collaboration with the American Fine Arts Foundry is a testament to the synergy between artist and artisan, where shared respect and mutual appreciation for art’s potential to inspire and uplift humanity come to the fore. Valeri’s “Ikaria” stands not just as a sculpture but as a beacon of hope, a reminder that within us all lies the capacity to dream, to create, and to leave a mark that echoes through the ages.

John Michael Valeri Echoes Through Ages .jpg

I wanted to have my work created in bronze to pass it along to my son in a durable form. It was something on my “bucket list”. I looked on line for a reputable foundry to learn about the process for creating a bronze. When I came upon AFA I knew I wanted them to make my bronze. The artists there were trusted to create some very prestigious works. I soaked up all the information I could from the AFA website. I eventually saved the money to have the work done. 

When I went in to talk to Brett and Angelo about my project, I was treated like I mattered. I am a simple art hobbyist, yet they treated my project with respect and made suggestions to bring it to life. The results are incredible. The expertise and years of experience are apparent in my finished work. I can’t say enough good things about AFA. Amazing work.  

Regards ~ John Michael Valeri

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