American Fine Arts Foundry and Jonathan Adler Unveil Monumental Bronze Banana Sculpture at Parker Palm Springs

Monumental Bronze Banana Sculpture at Parker Palm Springs


The Parker Palm Springs

With a rich history as Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch and Merv Griffin’s Givenchy Resort and Spa, stands on 13 acres of land adorned with lush gardens set against the desert and mountains. In its 2017 makeover, overseen by Adler for a space he initially redesigned for its 2004 opening, the hotel underwent a transformation that married its midcentury modern roots with Adler’s signature style of bright colors and diverse textures. Amidst this renovation, the bronze banana lawn sculpture emerged as a focal point, symbolizing the blend of historical reverence with a contemporary twist that defines the Parker’s new era.

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collaborative vision

Under the collaborative vision of Brett Barney, CEO of American Fine Arts Foundry, and the imaginative guidance of Jonathan Adler, a distinctive project came to fruition at the Parker Palm Springs. This partnership saw the conception, casting, and installation of an unconventional yet iconic piece: a 7-foot tall, 900-pound bronze banana lawn sculpture. This unique artwork embodies the groovy and hedonistic luxury that Adler aimed to infuse into the Parker, a hotel known for its vibrant departure from the typical mid-mod aesthetic of Palm Springs.

This endeavor, highlighted by the bronze banana, was not just about adding an element of eccentricity to the hotel’s landscape; it was a testament to the seamless partnership and shared creative vision between Jonathan Adler and American Fine Arts Foundry. Guided by Brett Barney’s expertise and the foundry’s commitment to excellence, this collaboration brought to life an art piece that stands as a bold statement of creativity, luxury, and whimsy, perfectly capturing the essence of the Parker Palm Springs’ transformation.

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