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New York fintech startup Masterwork HELPS YOU BECOME A MAJOR ART COLLECTOR

There is more than one way to invest your money these days: stocks, real estate, crypto, sneakers. But, New York fintech startup Masterworks wants you to think about another kind of investing: blue-chip artwork.

No longer a commodity for the ultra-rich, Masterwork wants to democratize art investments by having users invest in history. Although this might not seem like traditional investing, their team just posted a jaw-dropping 32% annualized return to their investors (net of fees).

Launched in 2017, Masterworks is the first art investment platform that lets you to invest in iconic, multi-million dollar artwork. Blue-chip art is one of the oldest and largest asset classes, and has outperformed the S&P by over 180% from 2000-2018. Masterworks’ unique platform makes trading shares in masterpieces (Banksy and Kaws to name a few) as easy as trading stocks.

With the global art market projected to grow from $1.7T to $2.6T over the next six years, the opportunity to use technology to give access to everyone—not just the ultra-wealthy—is massive.

Having helped over 100,000 registered investors gain access to top-tier art investments, Masterworks is pleased to announce that Product Hunt subscribers can skip their 25,000 waitlist (conditions apply).

We here at American Fine Arts believe deeply in the healing power of #art and like #Janus recognize the two faces of fine art—the significant financial gains that can be made and its powers to heal and transform! Do check out Masterworks we highly recommend them.


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