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In the world of art, collaboration is not just a buzzword but a cornerstone of creativity and innovation. This is especially true at the American Fine Arts Foundry (AFA) in Burbank, CA, where collaboration merges with over forty years of production expertise, transforming the landscape of sculptural art. AFA is not merely a foundry; it’s a creative partner committed to elevating the artist’s vision from inception to completion.

Brett Barney being congratulated by Burbank's Mayor Konstantine Anthony. With Angle Meza Head of Production at #AFAFoundry

Forty years Ago

Founded over four decades ago, AFA underwent a transformative expansion in 2002 when it acquired Image Fine Art Foundry. This merger brought together two distinct foundry heritages — AFA’s focus on limited-run, esoteric projects, and Image’s expertise in high-end editions. Under the leadership of Brett Barney, who holds the unique title of “Chief Collaborator,” the foundry has become a hub of nuanced complexity and disciplined repeatability.

AFA’s roots in lost-wax casting have now branched out to include a diverse range of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, sterling silver, and a variety of mixed integration materials like plexi, glass, wood, concrete, plastic, and ceramic. The foundry is adept at managing projects with a multitude of artists, employing a team of up to 40 in-house members to bring these complex visions to life.

American Fine Arts Foundry

♥️ A  Deeper Journey into the Heart of Creativity

A prime example of AFA’s collaborative spirit and versatility can be seen in the creation of eighteen custom sculptures for the Children’s Garden at Longwood in 2006. This project perfectly encapsulates the foundry’s ability to blend craft with collaboration, partnering with artists, project owners, and poured-concrete providers. The result was a series of playful, stylized bronze birds integrated with cast concrete in a fountain series, crafting a living storybook that unfolds through gesture, movement, and tactile materials.

These collaborations at AFA are not just about producing art; they represent a deeper journey into the heart of creativity. They reflect a commitment to expanding the artist’s palette and bringing to life a vision that transcends traditional boundaries. The foundry’s expertise in managing diverse materials and large-scale projects makes it an invaluable partner for any artist looking to push the envelope of sculptural art.

For artists, sculptors, designers, and visionaries looking to bring their unique ideas to life, the American Fine Arts Foundry stands ready to embark on this journey of collaborative creation. Whether it’s a one-off piece for a fine art gallery or a large-scale public installation, AFA’s blend of creativity, communication, and technical expertise ensures that each project is not just completed but brought to life in a way that fully realizes the artist’s vision.

Discover the possibilities with AFA and see how your artistic dreams can take shape in bronze and beyond. Explore the world of possibilities at American Fine Arts Foundry’s Latest Works and join the movement of artists redefining the landscape of sculptural art.

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