Reimagining Sculpture: The Collaborative Genius of American Fine Arts Foundry

Reimagining Sculpture: The Collaborative Genius of American Fine Arts Foundry


The Essence of Collaboration at AFA Foundry

American Fine Arts Foundry, with over forty years in the art production industry, exemplifies the power of collaboration in creating sculptural masterpieces. Nestled in Burbank, CA, AFA Foundry excels in merging creative flexibility with robust project management, offering artists a full spectrum of services from conception to completion. The foundry’s philosophy transcends mere metalwork, becoming an essential partner that enhances the artist’s creative journey.

A Legacy of Artistic Excellence

AFA’s history is rich with diversity and innovation. The merging of AFA and Image Fine Art Foundry in 2002 under Brett Barney’s leadership has created a powerhouse capable of handling both esoteric projects and high-end editions. Their expertise spans a range of materials, from traditional bronze to modern stainless steel and mixed media, enabling them to work on projects of varying scales and complexities.

Monumental Projects and Intricate Details

AFA’s prowess in artistry is evident in projects like the Children’s Garden at Longwood, where custom sculptures seamlessly blend with the environment. Their intricate work on the “IMAGINE” cubes for Bill Mack and the striking sculptures displayed at the Royal Academy of Arts in London showcases their ability to bring complex artistic visions to life.

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A Diverse Portfolio of Collaborations

With its proximity to Hollywood, AFA has worked on an array of unique projects for major brands like Blizzard, Disney, and Warner Brothers, including iconic figures for “Breaking Bad” and superhero statues in Burbank. Their long-standing collaboration with the Screen Actors Guild highlights their versatility and commitment to artistic integrity.

The Collaborative Spirit of AFA Brett Barney emphasizes the importance of understanding the artist’s vision, offering expertise in various materials and processes. AFA’s approach to large-scale projects involves coordinating with a network of skilled artisans, ensuring every aspect of the project aligns perfectly to deliver exceptional results.

Embracing Artistic Challenges with Heart and Soul AFA stands as a testament to fearless and extraordinary artistry, guiding clients through the creative process with care and expertise. Their dedication to delivering the artist’s vision with precision and passion makes them a preferred choice for creators who value the collaborative process.

Celebrating Artistic Vision with AFA Foundry For those who seek to transform their artistic visions into tangible forms, American Fine Arts Foundry offers an unparalleled collaborative experience. To witness more of their remarkable work and to delve deeper into the prestigious CodaWorx magazine and ecosystem, explore their featured projects and see how AFA Foundry continues to shape the world of art.

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