Tanforan Sculptures Packaged and The Farewell Handshake with Brett Barney

Sculpting Success: Brett Barney’s 6 Key Strategies to Elevate Your Bronze Artistry

We are Mastering Material Fusion, Thi sis American Fine Arts’ Secret to Crafting Unique Artistic Visions

~ Brett barney

Maximizing Sculpture Value with Brett Barney: 6 Strategic Approaches for Bronze Artists

In an industry experiencing shifts in demand and heightened competition, the partnership between artists and foundries has never been more critical. Brett Barney, CEO of American Fine Arts Foundry, brings decades of expertise to the forefront, guiding artists through innovative strategies to preserve their vision and enhance profitability. Here’s how our collaboration with artists under Brett’s guidance has redefined the art of sculpture production.

  1. Transitioning to Wax: Moving from clay to wax might be an adjustment, but it’s a cost-effective one. Wax bypasses the need for an initial mold, significantly reducing upfront expenses. This change, particularly beneficial for newcomers aiming for gallery representation, can halve major initial costs. Brett endorses Westech’s Revolution Wax for its design with bronze artists in mind, a testament to our commitment to artist-centric solutions.
  2. Understanding Perceived Value: The market often values complexity and size. Brett advises considering how the form and stature of a sculpture might influence its perceived worth without compromising artistic integrity. It’s about balancing consumer psychology with creative expression.
  3. Minimizing Fabrication: Brett champions the concept of envisioning your work as a singular entity to reduce the need for separate fabrications, thereby lowering costs. Simplifying the creation process without diluting artistic essence is key.
  4. Optimizing Casting Thickness: With a keen eye on the sculpture’s dimensions, Brett reminds artists that thinner elements may require solid casting, increasing material costs. His open-door policy for consultation reflects our foundry’s role as a true collaborator in realizing efficient yet ambitious artistic projects.
  5. Choosing Bases Wisely: A sculpture’s base should enhance, not overshadow, nor unduly inflate costs. Brett suggests alternatives like granite to achieve visual impact without financial strain, demonstrating our holistic approach to sculpture production.
  6. Exploring Patination: Brett encourages artists to venture beyond traditional patinas to elevate their work’s uniqueness and value. Our foundry’s expertise in patination offers artists a palette to enhance their sculptures, adding the final touches that captivate and inspire.

Brett Barney's seasoned perspective underscores the American Fine Arts Foundry’s dedication to not just casting bronze but casting success for every artist we collaborate with. Our shared journey in the art world is built on innovation, efficiency, and a deep respect for creative visions. Let's sculpt your success together.

Tanforan Packages and The Farewell Handshake with Brett Barney

Brett Barney's seasoned perspective underscores the American Fine Arts Foundry’s dedication to not just casting bronze but casting success for every artist we collaborate with.

Our shared journey in the art world is built on innovation, efficiency, and a deep respect for creative visions. Let’s sculpt your success together.

Tribute at Tanforan: A Monument of Resilience and Memory

Under the expert guidance and watchful eye of Brett Barney, chief collaborator at American Fine Arts Foundry, a significant and poignant sculpture has been brought to life to honor the history and resilience of the Japanese-American community.

This memorial, situated in the heart of the San Bruno BART Station, serves as a powerful tribute to the 8,000 Bay Area residents of Japanese ancestry who endured imprisonment at the Tanforan ‘Assembly Center’ during World War II. This year, marking the 80th anniversary of the opening of the detention center in April 1942, the memorial plaza and statue were unveiled, contributing to the long-term exhibit “Tanforan Incarceration 1942; Resilience Behind Barbed Wire.”

The exhibit, organized by the BART Art Program and curated by artist Na Omi Judy Shintani, aims to foster a deeper understanding of the impacts of Executive Order 9066 and the experiences of those who were incarcerated.

The creation of this sculpture, from conception to the final unveiling, was meticulously overseen by Brett Barney. American Fine Arts Foundry not only produced and cast the sculpture but also finished it with a unique patina, adding layers of depth and significance to the artwork. This process, carried out under Barney’s supervision, ensures that the statue not only commemorates a critical moment in history but also does so with the highest level of craftsmanship and respect for the memories it represents. This memorial stands not just as a piece of art but as a beacon of memory and resilience, inviting reflection on a pivotal chapter in our collective history. Through the collaboration of artists, historians, and the skilled team at American Fine Arts Foundry, led by Brett Barney, the Tribute at Tanforan embodies a commitment to honoring the past while inspiring a more inclusive and understanding future.


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