Discover the Art of Perfection: Explore Our Newest Bronze Sculptures and Castings

Transforming Art into Bronze: Experience Our Newest Sculptural Innovations


Unveil the Wonders of Bronze Artistry: Explore the Latest Creations at American Fine Arts Foundry

Embark on an artistic odyssey with American Fine Arts Foundry, a sanctuary where the essence of art is brought to life through the allure of bronze. We warmly invite you to delve into our newest masterpieces, encompassing an array of awe-inspiring bronze castings and majestic sculptural installations. As your comprehensive partner in the realm of fine arts, we pride ourselves on catering to a diverse range of projects, big or small, delivering an unparalleled full-service experience that transcends expectations.

Redefining Foundry, Fabrication, and Installation Services

Whether you’re an artist, sculptor, designer, architect, or interior decorator, our doors are open to your creative aspirations. Our bespoke bronze casting services are the heart of our operation, fortified by nearly a quarter-century of refined art foundry expertise. Every intricate detail, texture, and subtle nuance of your vision is meticulously brought to life, ensuring an authentic representation of your creative intent.

Our journey with esteemed artists like Richard MacDonald and Bill Mack epitomizes our dedication to artistic excellence. No challenge is too great, no project too small – at American Fine Arts Foundry, we embrace the artistic challenge with open arms and creative minds.

Unleashing the Power of Imagination

At the core of American Fine Arts Foundry is a commitment to helping you manifest your vision into tangible bronze and stainless steel masterpieces. Whether it’s sculpting an original work or rejuvenating an existing bronze piece, we’re here to transform your artistic dreams into reality.

Mastery in Mold Making

The art of mold making is pivotal in crafting detailed bronze sculptures. Our professional mold makers employ only the finest materials, ensuring your art’s integrity is preserved while achieving the highest fidelity in reproduction. From straightforward designs to elaborate sculptures, our expertise ensures your project remains both impeccable and cost-effective.

Distinguish Your Art with Unique Patinas

A patina isn’t just a finish; it’s a statement. Our patina artists excel in their craft, guiding you to a finish that enhances and elevates your artwork. Whether your goal is to captivate audiences at art exhibitions or to manifest a personal vision, our artists stand ready to bring your aspirations to life.

Sculpture Transformations: Enlargements, Reductions, and Beyond

Embrace the possibilities with our advanced 3-D laser scanning technology, making sculpture scaling effortless and precise. Whether it’s altering the size of your art or requiring meticulous foam carving, our state-of-the-art tools and seasoned expertise are at your disposal.

Bronze Restoration and Preservation

Even the sturdiest bronze artworks require tender care. Our restoration and conservation services rejuvenate your bronze sculptures, ensuring they endure through generations. From re-patination to maintenance, our skilled team is dedicated to revitalizing your artwork.

Join us in a celebration of artistic ingenuity and discover the enchantment of bronze craftsmanship. We invite you to explore our latest works and experience the magic of the American Fine Arts Foundry. Witness firsthand the fusion of creativity and mastery — visit American Fine Arts Foundry’s Latest Works and immerse yourself in the world of fine art.

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