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AFA Untold Stories #17 Could a Foundry Save Your Art Career.

Could a FoundrySaveYourArt Career?

Brett Barney CEO AFA America's Best Kept Secret!

The Vice of Patina Paradise

Beyond the Human Form!

Art Career Need a Makeover?

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“We must let go of the art planned and accept the magic of synchronicity, intuition, and the new power of patina finishes.”~ ​Brett barney

The AFA Foundry is one of California’s oldest high end art foundries, NOW poised to amplify & nourish artistic vision.

Untold Story #17 Covers…

Important New Developments



How do you sell art for a premium price? How do you establish artistic significance and relevance, more importantly how can your art become in demand. 

Get Instant access to the exclusive and insider “Market Placement” and a FREE ARTIST consultation offer.



Our Best kept Secret and the only high end art foundry to have 1000’s of patina’s available for bronze finishing. Designing an origami paper plane with jet engines? Paint the jets in fire red and the plane in ultramarine blue. 

Instantly receive a sample of the Patina finishes we have available.


Go Farther!

What lies beyond bronze? What do collectors want? Who are the new collectors? What is Elon Musk collecting? These are the emerging new buyers from Silicon Valley and Beach to Silicon Forest in Portland Oregon to Silicon Wadi in Israel. If they are paying $75K for a distressed recycled barn dining table with welded I Beam legs.

 What  bronze sculpture have they sitting on it?

Spring Into a New Period of  Discovery!

Ideal for both established & emerging artists!

Could A Foundry Really Save An Art Career?

Yes, absolutely! As the old saying goes, “knowledge is power.” If you really want to jump start your career, take advantage of Power Talks with our CEO. Brett Barney is an innovator for more than 40 years in patinas and finishes for fine art bronze and Fine Art Appraiser.

In a confidential atmosphere, discover new directions and gather insights gleaned from major artists and sculptures working today
Join a rare group
Ed Ruscha, 

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