The Fine Art of jd Hansen

American Fine Arts Celebrates the art of jd Hansen on #ISDay


The process begins with scanning the maquette into a 3Dimensions.

Then a scaled up foam armature is milled with the CNC process and covered with a hard styling clay to create super crisp edges.

The enlarged foam/clay master is molded to create a production mold. The resulting bronze casting was then hand tooled and finished by a master painter using the highest-end, multi-layer automotive paints. The complete bronze sculpture is finished with a clear coat and polished to create perfect reflections.

The ball is hand twisted wire lettering made by the artist herself. The wire lettering has a message…

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3D Scanning, Scaling, Foam Maquette's & Finishing:
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There is something beautiful and dangerous about a working foundry. It’s amazing that the technique of lost wax casting is still virtually unchanged for the last 7000 years. The startling thing is the timelessness of the art—the age-old technique of Lost Wax Casting.

Welcome to the NEW BRONZE AGE

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