How to Choose a Casting Partner

How to Choose a Casting Partner

How do you choose a bronze casting foundry that will maintain the integrity of your original sculpture, deliver beautiful patinas and finishes, and help you maximize profits?

Easy—look for the happy customers.

“American Fine Arts Foundry is an artist friendly business that understands the needs of today’s artists. Their bronze casting quality is the best, as their attention to detail is consistent and dependable. In my opinion, American Fine Arts Foundry is the best bronze foundry I’ve come upon. Moreover, they’re conveniently located in Southern California a few miles from the City of Los Angeles.”
~ Caesar Yanez

Whether you’re an artist, an art publisher, or a gallery looking for a foundry partner, American Fine Arts Foundry is the right choice for all of your bronze casting, restoration, and art marketing needs.

Our Mission and Values Produces:

Consistent execution, consummate professionalism, and a keen understanding of the bronze casting trade, all make us one of the premiere bronze fine art foundries in the world.

Artists: Learn how you can work with us worldwide to produce your original bronze or stainless steel sculptures with superlative quality and detail.

Art Publishers: Discover how we can be the business partner you need, allowing you to focus on optimizing your creative time, marketing, and sales.

Tell us about your project, we’ll tell you how we can help!

American Fine Arts Inc.

There is something beautiful and dangerous about a working foundry. It’s amazing that the technique of lost wax casting is still virtually unchanged for the last 7000 years. The startling thing is the timelessness of the art—the age-old technique of Lost Wax Casting.

Welcome to the NEW BRONZE AGE

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